An Underscore Records initiative,Sangeet Kosh is a unique project that aims at

compiling a wikipedia for Indian music.
The initial designing of wiki has been supported by the Ford Foundation

Directory Listing

The Directory will provide basic contact information for musicians across different genres of Indian music organizations,event managers,instrument makers,instrument dealers,publishers,record labels and other individuals and organizations connected with Indian music.Free access to the directory will be provided for all who wish to use this resource.


Online Encyclopedia

Typically wikis provide open access to both contributors and users,but in this regard Sangeet Kosh adopts a slightly different approach. A panel of experts specializing in different aspects of Indian music will be invited to contribute to the wiki and it will not be possible for users to add entries without an invitation to do so.This is to ensure accuracy of information on a subject that is both vast and varied. However access to users will be open.